22nd May, 12
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Super Awesome Fancy HD Logo!

Ever wonder what my logo would look like all 3D? 


Well I did!

I was sitting at my desk, thinking about what I could post to dribbble to actually make it look like I was busy designing and this was the end result. A super awesome fancy HD version of my logo. How great is that?!

In case anyone doesn’t follow my reddit novelty account or my dribbble account, the previous design I uploaded can be seen here. Someone found a controller like that in a claw machine and posted it to reddit. Me, with my novelty account, decided to sort of “logo” it.
Well I say logo… the account is called LetMeLogoThatForYou but the image is more of a digital reinterpretation than a logo. It’s far too detailed to be a logo.

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