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30th May, 14
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Kaza’s Boutique


This week I finished designing a logo and very basic web page for a local clothing shop called Kaza’s Boutique. Karen, the owner, came to me with the aim of getting knowledge of her shop online to increase foot traffic through the door. The web page went through some changes from the original design I presented to Karen, namely the header image to more closely match the sign hanging outside the shop.



Are you a Maldon resident or just on your way through? Make sure to pop in to Kaza’s Boutique at 63F Brights Path, High Street, Maldon, Essex! And while you’re at it, visit the webpage and like and follow on facebook and twitter!

If you’re interested in hiring me to create your new logo or web page, contact me for a free quote via my contact page and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


12th Jan, 13
Category: Web Design
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New Site Design

Just a short post today. I’m currently in the process of re-designing my website, which is fun(!) although very time consuming.

I realised through Google Analytics that the way people are coming to and through my current site isn’t really the right way if I want to gain new clients. People are coming to my website and leaving pretty soon after. The new design will be more sleek and simple-looking but with a lot more, easily found information about current, past  and future projects and clients. I’ll also make it a lot easier to request a quote or hire me in general. This blog will also match the main website design a lot better than it does right now.

So, in short, the site will be;

  • More responsive to being viewed on different devices.
  • Simpler.
  • More informative about past clients and projects.
  • Overhauled SEO to make it easier to find.
  • More engaging to viewers
  • Easier to hire me, larger boxes and more info on contact page.
  • Less green. I’ve kind of gone off of green lately for some reason.

Wish me luck!